Back when I was a kid there was this ad about a bird who went nuts over this cereal he loved.  He would have problems concentrating on tasks because he was so distracted by his passion for this chocolate cereal.  Why do I lead with this? 

Is there something in your skincare routine that you are “cuckoo” (aka crazy) for? 

Sadly, when I pose this question to friends and patients I often get a blank look and a “no”.  How sad!! With all of the stuff on the market and the fabulous technology going into skincare these days, you should at least have one or two products that you are flat out excited to use.  It should be the highlight of your am and pm routines!  

I want to S.L.O.W. aging down. 

I want to glow and be hydrated and exfoliated. 

I want my make up to go on like a dream.  

I want to treat and prevent sun damage, lines, wrinkles, and sags. 


You have to know the what and the why of your skincare.  What am I putting on my face and why am I doing it.  Helps maintain motivation and excitement.  There are so many products that work, smell good, and are fun to use.  You can have a great sensory experience every time you take care of your skin.    

I have patients who come in and I ask them about products and they say oh I have such and such cream that I have and it lasts so long… two years.  


If it lasts that long… you ain’t using enough of it sister.  Pardon the “ain’t” every now and then the “Missouri” in me pops out!   

I LOOOOOOOVE my Eminence Stone Crop Gel Wash it smells and feels so good.  It works!  I L.O.V.E. my Stone Crop Oil and Fizzyfoliant together.

Its a mini facial at home.

I am obsessed with the Monoi moisturizer and Mangosteen resurfacing serum. I can’t live without my Biopelle Stemcell cream or my Cosmedix Pure C Crystals or my Cosmedix Pure Enzymes Mask. My Elta MD sunscreen is a lifesaver! Cosmedix Eye Doctor eye cream is fabulous for those pesky fine lines around my eyes.   Can you feel the passion?  Would you like to be this passionate about your face care? 

Please come see us and let us help you find products that work that you can be passionate about.  And if you have seen the cuckoo for cocopuffs commercial when it ran on TV… me you need to have a high octane skin routine!