Voluma Results

Love me some Voluma!! I had Voluma in my cheeks last year and loved the results from it. After having Kybella, I needed a little

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The Anatomy of Anatomy

Last month I was fortunate to attend an aesthetic conference and was able to participate in a facial dissection lab.  This was a great refresher

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Scared to Give Injections a SHOT?

Not sure about getting an injection treatment? What’s stopping you? Really, let’s be honest. What’s stopping you? What’s stopping you from wanting to look younger? Why wouldn’t you want to slow the aging process?

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sunscreen SPF

SPF In Your Makeup?

Summer is upon us … finally! I have conversations surrounding sunscreen and SPF ALL. THE. TIME. Some days I feel like and broken record and some days I feel like no one is listening.

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Mandy’s Dermaplane Experience

I tried Dermaplaning.

So what is that? Well, I shaved my face!
It is, essentially, shaving your face with a sharp, scalpel-like tool. It gets rid of any unwanted peach fuzz, exfoliates without being harsh on your skin, and it’s totally pain-free!

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