I had been searching for years to find a product of any kind to help me get rid of my fine lines and wrinkles. Although I have many other insecurities about my skin, fine lines and wrinkles took the cake. I had tried every face cream and skin tightening tool you could think of, and nothing worked. Finally, I did some research on Botox and the benefits it could have on my skin. I came across a Facebook beauty group and someone recommended Glow Medical Aesthetics. Today, I am so thankful for that recommendation!

Glow Medical Aesthetics has been nothing short of amazing. The staff members are incredible and so knowledgeable about their products. Once they educated me on the benefits of Botox, I was sold. Jenny Guthrie, APRN-CNP did my consultation and treatment. At my consultation, she educated me on the benefits, the different products (Botox and Dysport), the differences between the two, and exactly what to expect after my treatment was over. She also (very patiently) answered all my ridiculous “first timer” questions! Finally, we set a date!

At my appointment for the Botox treatment, Jenny once again went over exactly what we were doing, how many units she’d be putting in, and making sure I was okay with it all. I really appreciated this because I felt at ease and not rushed. She also vocalized when she was going to start. The procedure itself was not painful for me. That says a lot because I cried when I got my ears pierced! Ha! It was also very quick. If you have a fear of needles, do not fear! You don’t even see the needle go in and you can hardly feel it. The smallest size needle is used. 

Paislee Botox

Overall, I would absolutely, without a doubt recommend Glow Medical Aesthetics. I have since done other treatments and will continue to use them for all my skincare needs!