Hey guys Mandy here again!

Today I want to tell you about Dysport injections from Glow Medical.

Not sure what Dysport is? Well let me tell you a little bit about it!

It is a neurotransmitter that reduces expression lines temporarily. It is made by a different company than Botox Cosmetic. The two are not the same, but work in a similar fashion. On average, Dysport starts working in 3-7 days and can last up to 3-4 months. It has been FDA approved in the U.S. since 2009.

So, now that we know a little bit about Dysport let me tell you about my experience with Jenny at Glow Medical.

Jenny will do an overall exam when you first come in. Be prepared to make many faces at her while she checks out all the areas you have lines and wrinkles in. Mad face, frowning face, and smiling face.

Once she is done with that the magic gets to start. The first questions anyone asks is, “does it hurt?”

For me, no. Not at all. It is a very small needle, so there is not a lot of discomfort. Jenny will ask you to make faces as you go double checking she is getting the right areas. It doesn’t take long! After just a few minutes, I was done. I want to point out that your results from Dysport get better as time goes on. At about 5 to 7 days I saw a huge difference in my skin.

So, would I do this again?

Um.. Yes!! Book me out for years to come! Who doesn’t want beautiful younger looking skin? Be in control of your aging process.

Call Glow Medical today and get started on your journey to beautiful younger looking skin you get to be in control of!