Hey ladies it’s Mandy here again. I can’t wait to tell you about my recent experience at Glow Medical in Enid.

I tried Dermaplaning.

So what is that? Well, I shaved my face!

It is, essentially, shaving your face with a sharp, scalpel-like tool. It gets rid of any unwanted peach fuzz, exfoliates without being harsh on your skin, and it’s totally pain-free!

But it’s a little more nuanced than just taking a Gillette to your face.

My experience with Dermaplaning was with Jessica at Glow Medical, my personal skin care gurus. To start, you need totally clean, dry skin (this means no product on it). Jessica started on the outer parts of my face working in making short, small, downward strokes. The whole process was easy pain free and you are left with instantly smoother skin.

Dermaplaning helps products work better and you don’t need nearly as much product. This is a super affordable procedure only $50 and to leave with amazingly soft skin no down time at all……. umm who wouldn’t want to try this?

I paired my dermaplaning with an Eminence Skin peel as well. It’s a super light peel that requires no downtime and just hydrates the skin and gave me a little extra glow to my skin. You can always add on a peel or facial to a dermaplane, so talk to Jessica or any of the staff at Glow Medical and they will help you choose the right peel for you and your skin.

Happy Glowing my fellow Glow Getters!